One More Reason To Love My Job

This afternoon I got a phone call from a friend at work.  I’ve known him for years.  Our paths don’t cross, but we’re cool with each other.  He’s had a few challenges in life lately and called me.  I didn’t know why.  For some reason I said yes.  We headed out of the office to hang for a bit.  An amazing conversation resulted.  We must have talked for over an hour.  About faith, family, our journey, and life.  It was rich.  It was authentic Christian fellowship.  The stuff Acts 2 talks about.  I was able to listen and encourage this friend.  It was a great moment.  A great moment, not for the reasons of me being able to offer anything to this person.  Or for anything I did.  It was a great moment because I was there.  Because I was available.  Because I could go “off the grid” and value relationships with people without consequence.  That’s true Christian fellowship.  True body.  As I headed back, I was thinking how thankful I am to work at a place that affords me to be interruptable to people and do more than produce.  It allows me to truly live.  Flow in my giftings.  Thrive.

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