This morning I made breakfast for my office.  About 20 people.  I think at least.  Some of my coworkers and I were talking this fall about how we love to cook.  I don’t really know when I agreed to do it, but I did.  Knowing I’m in an imaginary 12-step program on learning to say NO, I know I didn’t.  And truthfully, I love to cook.  I also like to serve/encourage.  We decided to do a breakfast for this morning.  I agreed to pay and cook it.  Bonnie and Brenda, my two coworkers, bought the food and fanned the flame for me to make it happen.  Truthfully, I think it was one of those Jedi mind tricks where they planted thoughts in my head and all of a sudden it was over and people were back to work.  Crazy.

Here’s the kicker.  What I at least observed while making custom omletes.  I saw a family.  Dysfunctional.  Some engaging, some not.  Some saying thanks.  Some not.  Some eating tons.  Some snacking.  But we were all together.  Sharing a meal.  Laughter.  Food.  Sharing a room, some time, and some good grub.  It was cool to help faciliate.

One thing I think we do well as a church is gather to eat.  We do “pot-licks”, as Sam calls them, with excellence.  And as our pastor says, “Good things happen when people get together.”  The rub for me is what happens when we do get together.  What does that look like?  According to Acts 2, the church gathered together and “devoted themselves to the apostles teaching, and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.”  (2:42, thanks Bible quizzing).  We got the gathering to listen to teaching, breaking of bread, but what about the fellowship?  I think we glaze over this part and call fellowship just gathering.

What I’ve been reminded of in leading Nav 2:7 again is what true Christian fellowship is.  It’s when we get into eachother’s lives.  When we ask questions like, “How’s your soul?”  “What can I be praying for you this week about?”  “Are you honoring your wife and daughter this week?”  “How are your disciplines?”  “Are you keeping your mind pure this week?”  Those are examples of Christian fellowship.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for getting friends together to watch Dane Cook (asking forgiveness later), a sports game, playing the Wii, or just grilling out.  Talking about life, the weather, and our families is cool.  That is Christians fellowshipping.  Not Christian fellowship.  There’s a difference.

Micki has always made fun of me because I’m always talking about “significant conversation”.  I don’t like shallow.  I like it deep.  I want the hard questions being asked of me.  And I want to ask those questions to others.  It just seems like we don’t do it.  I wonder if that’s in a large part why the chuch is so weak and ineffective.  But that’s a whole other post which I don’t have time for.  I’ve gotta go and wash my hands and face again.  I smell like fried meat.

Am I too negative?  Too hard core?  Weigh in.  Post comments.

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