Bucket List :: My SAPA Devotional

Two weeks ago I had opportunity to share a devotional/message during the SAU monthly staff meeting.  Because I’m training for the Indy Mini-Marathon, I decided to speak about my physical journey and relate it to my spiritual journey.  I’ve written about it a little bit in other posts, but thought I’d pop up some major points:

  • We can’t run alone
  • Attempt something beyond yourself
  • We’re isolated and need to move out of hiding
  • We need to find an example of who we want to become
  • We need to find someone to mentor
  • We are stronger together (great cloud of witnesses)
  • Thresholds are hard, but help us realize we can push through

I won’t re-state the talk, but invite you to listen to it.  You’ll need iTunes to listen.  The link will open up into a podcast called SAPA.  Look for the April 2009 podcast titled “Academic Affairs | Jason Archer.  You can stream it by double-clicking or downloading by clicking the “Get” button.  The link is below.  Comments welcome.


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