Jesus is Badass

My First Disclaimer:

So before you get offended at the title of my post, let me be clear about this: This is MY site. My thoughts. My blog. If you like it or if you don’t, I love comments. Either way. And if you read something that causes you to think or process something on your own, even better. Maybe start your own blog. Your own journal. Whatever it does, know my motivation for writing this stuff down right now anyway is to process through myself what I’m reading and how I’m living. Is that like pre-defensive? Maybe. If you’re reading this, it probably means you know me pretty well. Thus, you understand. For me, Jesus wasn’t just strong. He was badass. He is badass.

I’ve been reading through Matthew and got to the end. The part even people who don’t know or follow Jesus know about. The whole passion story. As I was reading through this, I was trying to look at it with more open eyes. Not just read through it like I’m a zombie, but see something new. I did. BAM. Right in my face.
So Jesus is at one of his trials. He’s being accused of saying He is God. The King.

The high priest said to him, “I charge you under oath by the living God: Tell us if you are the Christ, the Son of God.” “Yes, it is as you say,” Jesus replied.
Matthew 26:63-64

Did you catch it? Did you see it? I don’t think I ever have until this point. One question. One answer. Badass. The question posed to Jesus is one with eternal ramifications. I wonder if the church leader who asked Him the question really knew what was going on. I doubt it. I doubt anyone really knew what was going on. Even the disciples were scratching their collective heads, doubting, disowning, and betraying Him. You know the only person on planet earth that knew what was going on? Jesus.

The question is posed. Are you God? Jesus knows if He says yes what will happen. He’s fully God and fully man. He knows the response to this question will end His life. He knows His response will mean dying the most painful death imaginable. He knows his response will mean taking on the sin of the entire world, past, present, and future, and bearing it all. My sin included. Which is a load in and of itself. He knows that His response will separate Him from the Father for the first time. The God part of Him was probably holding up fine during the pause of this question. The man part? I don’t know. But know this: If it were me, I would have shriveled up and gone away forever. I would have failed the test. I’m not that strong.

I don’t know if there was a dramatic pause. If His answer was instant. But being that most of this trial stuff happened behind closed doors under the cloak of darkness, I don’t think there were thousands of people waiting on His answer. But maybe there were. Maybe the entire world was listening. Past present, and future. Maybe a great cloud of witnesses. You think heaven had this on closed-circuit TV? I’ll put money on it. I’ll bet hell had a front row seat too. I wonder what demons were thinking? Did they want Him to say yes? No? Could they tell the future? Did they know what a “Yes” answer would mean for them? I’ll bet the entire universe was holding it’s collective breath in this moment as Jesus took a breath and uttered one of the strongest statements in existence,

“Yes, it is as you say.”

Bam. Bigger than, “I’ll be back”, “Go ahead, make my day”, “Yippee-kiyay MF’er”. This answer rippled through the cosmos. Past, present, and future. Know this: When Jesus answered, He knew what was going to happen. He knew what the next 12-72 hours would look like. He had a choice to make. And he went for it. He stepped into the definition of what badass is. He changed the course of history. My history. Your history.

Do you think the Father was sad when Jesus said this? Maybe comforted because He knew Jesus would rise from the dead. He knew Jesus would be sitting next to him in a few days/weeks. But sad from the perspective of the things his boy would have to endure in the meantime. I wonder. Do you think Satan was excited? Did he know what the destination of this transaction was going to be? That he may be winning the battle but would be losing the war?

This post seems like it may be getting too long, so I’m going to wrap this up.  Sometimes I feel like the church portrays Jesus as a wimp and Christianity as wimpy.  The truth is Jesus was the strongest human being ever in the  history of the world.  The guy didn’t sin.  Ever.  Think about that.  E V E R.  He isn’t this white wimpy guy we sometimes project Him to be.  Which is why sometimes I wonder if that’s why our Christianity is so wimpy.  But that’s another post all together.

I’ve got some other strong opinions on these things.  I’ll break them down as I’m empowered to and have time for.  For this post, know this:  My Jesus is strong.  The strongest.  He put the world on His back.  And He says I can do the same things He did (yes, another post).  He is the most of everything.  Most loving.  Most tender.  Most forgiving.  Most strong.  This is the real Jesus.  The one who came face to face with death and eternity.  And said, “Yes, it is as you say.”  Memorize that phrase.  It’s one that changed the world.  It’s one from a Godman.  Who is the truest form of strength.  Yes.  My God is badass.  Is yours?

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