The Prophetic Voice

Read this disclaimer if you are offended by this, but I’m afriad I’ve been thinking again…

We read about John the Baptist and think he’s really cool.  But if we lived with John, would we feel the same way?  In Scripture, we read about prophets and prophesy, and drink it in like it’s no big deal.  Because we can read a few more chapters and find out what happened.  It all seems pretty clean.  Simple.  X+Y=Z.  But do we really believe that?  Do I?  Do you?

Here’s what I’m noticing as I look at some of these stories:  People were pissed off.  They were offended.  Many times the prophets were not welcomed by their message.  Many times the prophet was bringing a message of change.  Something was wrong.  Broken.  Not in alignment with God’s perfect plan.  God calls a prophet to say stuff on His behalf to draw people back to himself.

I’ve talked about prophesy with a few people, but the circles that I run in don’t have many people who even use the word prophecy.  Unless it’s a historical context.  I’m not sure where to look or turn.  As a beginner of thinking about these things, here are a few short ideas.  Then my destination.  Here’s what I feel and understand:  The prophetic voice is part of the body of Christ.  It’s purpose is to encourage and challenge the body to stay faithful and keep moving forward.  I don’t know if we have that in the evangelical church.  I am pretty sure we don’t have that in our local church.

Rather than just “feeling” it out, I’m going to do some research.  With some thick books.  Actually one thick book.  I’m going to do some study on prophets and prophesy in Scripture and report back on what I find.  Am I close to being kicked out of Free Methodist-dom?

I just want to be where God wants.  When He wants.

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