The Real Deal

Our First Train Ride

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One thing I was remarking to Mick last night about Grace is her authenticity toward Jesus. One of my big deals is pretending. Which, truthfully we all do. I’m the president of that club.  I know part of it is growing up. But here’s the thing I noticed about Grace last night. And it’s a biggie. My daughter is the real deal. She truly loves Jesus as much as she knows. She’s not a poser. How do I know this? Just listen to my daughter pray.

This kid prays every night from her heart. More than I do. She’s an example to me. I don’t care what you believe about spiritual gifts (if you don’t, you’re on crack), but Grace Archer has the gift of intercession. She prays. She remembers to pray for things I get tired of. She’s persistent.  She prays until she gets an answer.  I don’t do that.  Especially at night when I’m tired and want to get the “whole prayer deal” out of the way so I can go to work. Grace slows things down. I know I’ve thought some times that she’s just praying to stall. But when you LISTEN to her prayer, she’s simply hanging with Abba. She is pressing in. She believes when she prays, the creator of the universe is listening and interested in her.

This is evidence. Overwhelming. Yes, she’s squirrely sometimes. Yes, she is emotional. She brings drama. She is hard sometimes. But Micki and I remind ourselves regularly and say to each other, “She’s a good girl.” “She has a great heart.” Those aren’t things we reassure ourselves in the flesh. We know these things because of Grace’s heart. Her soul. The fruit of her life. Her heart is bent toward Jesus. It’s our job to make sure we take advantage of that and make sure we know so we can model and live authentically before her. She’s amazing. Funny. Deeper than most kids I know. She’s my amazing Gracie.

Grace, I don’t know if you’ll ever read these words. But if you do, key in on this:  I want to remind you what I tell you regularly: I love you. So does mama.  So does Jesus. And He has given you a heart to change the world through Him. He’s given you so many gifts and talents. Don’t be afraid of following Him. And thank you for teaching me about prayer. You are an example to me. Don’t stop praying. Keep giving yourself fully to Jesus and you’ll never regret it.

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