Believe Beyond You

People have told you your whole life, “you don’t just change overnight”.  But then you read the Scriptures and it seems like some people did.  It’s hard, because It says the Spirit of the Lord can put to death the deeds of the flesh.  Like put it to death.  Kill it.  And there’s part of you that doesn’t want to hear all those voices that you just want to hear the voice of God that says, “No, I can kill this sin.”  I know by the power of the Holy Spirit that He promised me I can kill it.  And you want to believe but no one else is encouraging you.  They’re saying “No, no, no.  You gotta do this.  You gotta do that”.  And pretty soon you wind up looking like everyone else in the world with all of these systems and there’s no benefit to having the Holy Spirit in you?

Francis Chan “God is Strong.  Am I?”  Study GuideListen

Believe again.  Believe beyond you.  It’s called faith.  Faith in the power of God.

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