Joshua 9: A Word of Caution

I’m jumping back into reading Joshua and read chapters 8&9 this morning.  An interesting piece jumped out at me as I read the story of the Gibeonite deception in Chapter 9.  Basically, the Gibeonites heard about Israel  rocking out Jericho and totally leveling Ai.  Neighboring countries saw this rise and got together to form a coalition to eliminate Israel.  Gibeon decided on another strategy.  They decided to trick Israel into a treaty by sending a group of people to pose as “travelers from a distant land” and get Israel to form a treaty with them.  For me this morning, here’s the key verse:

The men of Israel sampled their provisions but did not inquire of the Lord. (v.14)

They made the treaty with Gibeon.  Then Gibeon revealed who they were.  Israel’s hands were tied.  The plan worked for Gibeon.  They were spared.  They wound up serving Israel as woodcutters and water carriers.  They survived.

How does this all play out in my mind today?  I’m 90 days into this new leadership role overseeing communication and technology for an entire denomination.  It’s a huge responsibility.  There are more decisions to be made than I know.  I’m doing my best.  But my fear is that as we make decisions, I won’t “inquire of the Lord”.  Now things worked out for both groups.  Israel gained a people group as servants.  Gibeon was spared.  But the leadership principle I am hearing today is that it’s not recommended to get ahead of God.  This is unfortunately my default.

I am driving a ton of initiatives.  Timelines.  And change.  I need to make sure these things are ordered by the Holy Spirit.  Sure He’s using my ability.  My team’s ability.  But We can’t afford to get off course.  How do I stay on course?  Make sure I don’t get ahead?  My greatest weakness in my disciplines.  Prayer.  My summer project to deepen.  It’s time stop talking about it and simply do it.

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