Telling The Story

In April, Grace and I took a trip to Orlando to serve at the Overflow Conference.  I wrote about the recap on our family blog.  One of the key initiatives from the bishops is to go back to our roots as Free Methodists.  It was very inspiring.  When we post the sessions Online, I’ll relay them in future posts.  Bishop Roller called the church to be less about expository preaching and focus more on storytelling.  After all, that’s what Jesus did.  He challenged us to be able to tell 52 Bible stories.  One for each week.  If we didn’t have that many, he challenged us to find our top 8.  What would your top eight stories from the Bible be?

If you could only tell 8, list yours.  I’m still formulating mine.  But I’m beginning to practice the art of storytelling.  One key Bishop Roller said is to not preach or have a concluding point.  Just tell the story and let the truth of it sink in and invite conversation.  Brilliant.  The dialogue is happening on a site we developed for the Eastern churches:  I’m going to be inviting people this week to begin to tell their favorite Bible stories.  I’m posting my first one from Joshua here.  Let me know what you think.  And if you are still reading this, think about what your top 8 Bible stories would be.  I’m taking the next week to marinate on what mine are and post them next week.

Joshua and the Battle of Jericho:  The Non-Flannelgraph Version

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