Celebrate Simply, Significantly

December can be a complex flurry of obligations and stress. Late November’s Black Friday is followed by weeks of shopping, parties and traveling. For many of us, December is chaotic.

In my family, I’m the scrooge. I still don’t get the idea that giving and receiving gifts is an appropriate way to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

Every year, we attempt to make Christmas simpler. We’ve failed in many areas, but we’ve succeeded in two:

  1. Cap spending: We set an amount to spend and don’t go over it.
  2. Spend differently: Two years ago, we started taking the amount of money we would spend on each other and dividing it in half. With half of the money previously spent on family gifts, we sent a gift to the child we sponsor through ICCM, helped start a business in Costa Rica through Kiva (this was before the online SEED store launched; see back cover), and bought books and uniforms for students in Africa.

Cover for December Issue of LLM

This issue of LLM focuses on simplicity. I recently heard someone say that strategy is just as much about the things you say no to as the things you say yes to. How will you simplify this Christmas season? Share your best strategy on llcomm.org, under this
issue’s articles and celebrate Christmas simply, richly and deeply together.

Downloadable PDF: LLM Dec 2011

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