Why Leadership Matters

Recently, I finished my M.A. in Communications from Spring Arbor University. It’s an online degree program which took me nearly six years to finish while I juggled many other events in life, vocation and family. My thesis centered around the story of the past two years as I’ve been helping lead an organization through change. I’ve been asked to consider turning the thesis into a book and marinating on several things Seth Godin and Michael Hyatt say about publishing. What I’ve chosen to do is work on the Tony Morgan concept of taking some excerpts from the thesis and posting it as a series called, “Why Leadership Matters”. As I take a look at analytics and see if there’s discussion around the content, I’ll be able to make some determinations as to what potential next steps are.

A few weeks ago I was invited to speak to the communication faculty and majors at SAU on my thesis topic. I crafted the presentation towards speaking to traditional undergrads. It’s a “SportsCenter Highlight” of the paper. Feel free to comment, share, and give me some constructive criticism. I’m always eager to learn and grow.

Presentation at Spring Arbor University

Slideshare Presentation

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