Stewardship Begins With Giving

Stewardship Begins With Giving

As a young church planter with little income, I decided I couldn’t afford to tithe. I was already sacrificing and serving the church. No need to give more, right?

My wife and I looked at our bills and our income. Then we made a decision that changed everything. We ignored the spreadsheet and trusted God.

We decided to give the first 10 percent in faith and see what would happen. From that time forward, we never lacked anything we needed. It was a huge step for our family.

My daughter and I on our motorcycle trip on Lake Michigan

My daughter and I on our motorcycle trip on Lake Michigan

A few years ago, I took my daughter (pictured right) on a motorcycle trip to Lake Michigan. We got into a discussion about money.

“What does God need with my money?” she asked.

I took her to the beach and poured sand into her open hands. Next I had her try to hold on to sand with tight fists and hands down. The sand fell out of her hands. In which position did she have more? She got it.

The harder I work to hold on to my stuff, the less I wind up with God’s best. When we approach the Father with an open heart, everything changes. Stewardship becomes less about tithing on the net versus the gross and more about freeing ourselves to be generous with all we have.

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