Why Christian Higher Education

LLM September

Education for Generations

Christian higher education is part of the Free Methodist bedrock.

Our denomination was founded in 1860. Chili Seminary, now Roberts Wesleyan College, began offering classes in 1866. Christian higher education was never an afterthought to our forebears. It’s not today either.

I’m a first-generation graduate of Free Methodist higher education from Spring Arbor University. Having worked at SAU for nearly 10 years, I realize the journeys students take as they learn are critical to the trajectory of their lives. Our Free Methodist schools do more than just teach the ABCs of their disciplines. They teach students who they can become and how they can impact the kingdom.

Our colleges and universities are integral partners in the growth of our denomination as well as its influence in the world. We’ve expanded this issue to shine light on these institutions.

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Bishop Wilson T. Hogue, the first president of Greenville College, wrote, “Through no other single agency does a Church’s influence become more cosmopolitan than through its educational institutions.”

Our founders had it right. It’s now up to us to carry that mantle to the next generation of leaders.

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