All in the Family

The July issue of Light & Life Magazine is chocked full of amazing articles Jim Burns,  Dr. Linda Adams, and more.  The issue is centered around the theme of family.  From the self-depricating style of Jen Hatmaker to the inspirational insights from Bishop Matt Thomas, there’s something for everyone.  My favorite article is from Jeff Finley and David Yardy on a pastor I met in India last fall.  He’s a rock star.

Check out an excerpt of Openers from Jeff Finley and dive in, share and deepen as you read the great work of the team at Light & Life Communications:

The word family can have vastly different meanings depending on life experiences. For some people, family signifies a source of strength. For others, family brings up memories of abuse or neglect. For many people, family evokes both positive and negative feelings.

Others pray to receive a family — a spouse or a child they have not yet met. Some people hear family and think of their siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or cousins.

Parents may hear the word family and immediately think of their children. This issue of LLM includes several articles that discuss the parent-child experience. As a parent, I
appreciate the helpful and encouraging tone of these articles. They stand in sharp contrast to a lot of what I read from (both Christian and secular) parenting blogs and magazines that predict calamity if parents deviate in any way from the writer’s advice for feeding, educating, disciplining or entertaining a child.


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