Stewardship Begins With Giving

Stewardship Begins With Giving As a young church planter with little income, I decided I couldn’t afford to tithe. I was already sacrificing and serving the church. No need to give more, right? My wife and I looked at our bills and our income. Then we made a decision that changed everything. We ignored the […]

Weakness is a Good Thing

Free2Run 5K Finish

I’ve been working a plan in the hopes that I’ll be looking fantastic as I turn 40. I’ve been working out and eating better. But I’ve been feeling worse. Let me explain. I dont’ like working out. My body is in pain a lot because it’s not used to exercising. It’s not fun. And doesn’t […]

Membership: Coffee and Commitment

I love Starbucks coffee. I enjoy Starbucks so much I became a Gold Card member. Starbucks’ Gold Card program requires enrollment and faithful patronage. As a card-carrying member, I get a few perks, such as free refills, coupons and special discounts. I like to treat others with my card. As people decide which church to […]

What I Learned in Haiti

Tent City

Two years ago today Haiti was hit with a devastating blow.  Port au Prince was leveled.  A country which was already third world was seemingly set back many more years with the country in shambles.  With all of the news stories today chronicling the journey of Haiti and how bad things are, I’m choosing to […]