Stop Your Passive Aggressive Tweeting

7 Tips for Healthy Confrontation Personally and Professionally

Have you ever been confronted by something you wrote, texted or tweeted? If you haven’t you’re probably in the minority. I’m sure you realize that everything you text, email, snap and tweet become part of your digital footprint and many times can’t ever truly be permanently erased. Sure, you can delete the tweet, but someone could have […]

The Value of a Mentor

You can't do it alone. Find someone who's been there and listen and learn

A few years ago I was sitting in my office shaking.  In tears.  With my door closed.  I had just fired someone for the first time.  He was a good man.  Nice guy.  But the direction of where organization needed to go necessitated some change.  Hard decisions needed to be made.  And I had no idea […]

Get Back To Your Life

Stephen Colbert was on Showtime on November 8. It was amazing to see the show and how surprised people were – even him. But, at the end, he shined with a mix of serious and funny. As you’re processing the election, here are some things we as Americans can all agree on:

  • When you agree on something, you shout YES
  • No matter where you stand on Hillary’s email server, we all can agree work email sucks
  • KitKat should be eaten in segments, not bitten into like a normal candy bar
  • Every red-blooded American knows that when ordering a bunch of pizzas, don’t order a veggie pizza. Nobody is going to eat that. Plain cheese = veggie.
  • There are too many Portlands.
  • None of us will ever remember what the War of 1812 was about
  • Alex Trebek will never die and if he does, it won’t count because it wasn’t in the form of a question
  • The gas light coming on isn’t a warning – it’s a challenge to see how far we can get on whatever gas is left
  • The biggest selling point of Cool Whip isn’t the taste – it’s free Tupperware
  • It’s nice to get a card in the mail once in awhile
  • The first person to get up in line for seconds at a wedding buffet is a hero
  • We should never, ever have an election like this again

Cool Quote from Jen Hatmaker

I think Jen Hatmaker gave some perspective:

To everyone devastated and scared this morning, to those who didn’t vote this direction and feel betrayed and shocked: No leader can make us fear or hate our neighbor. No leader can stop us from loving, defending, representing, advocating, bridge building, and gathering. No human has ever been able to staunch the power of love. We have had many presidents and we will have many more, and yet here we are, the people of Jesus, managing to further the kingdom generation after generation through cultures, shifts, crisis, and the changing of guards. We rise up today like we did yesterday and tomorrow. Be good news. Be a good neighbor. Be kind and hopeful and generous. Hug your babies and don’t let their fear find a permanent home. But for today, look out for your friends that feel maligned and forgotten, and if that person is you, treat yourself with tender, tender care. I am your friend in sorrow today.

My Perspective

I’m taking a breath. Going to do a good job at my workplace. Treat people with respect and kindness. Go home to my wife. Make ROCK pizza on my grill, watch the NBA, jump in the hot tub and chill out. I’ve been drunk on MSNBC, CNN and FoxNews for the past 20 months. I’m turning off that crazy noise for the foreseeable future. I’d suggest as much as you can, focus on what you can focus on: your work, studies, friendships, marriage, family, faith and the Cubs winning the World Series.

I’m Coming Home

Back to Michigan and Higher Education

Hey sports fans, do you remember when LeBron James announced he was coming back to Cleveland? Well, I’m excited to announce that I’m coming home – back to higher education. I just accepted a position serving Michigan State University’s College of Communication Arts & Sciences. The college is rolling out a new online M.A. in […]