Stephanie Van Doorn-Kazyak became a professional communicator thanks to an unexpected part as a movie extra.

“It was the summer after my third year in college, I needed to figure out what I needed to do with my life and career,” said Van Doorn-Kazyak. “That summer there was a movie being filmed in my hometown with Barry Sanders and Kurt Russel.”

Stephanie had the opportunity to step into the movie and get a sense of how movies were made. This window into content creation inspired her to study communications. Already a student at Michigan State University, Stephanie joined the College of Communication Arts & Sciences as a communication major and never looked back.

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I am familiar with college anxiety–I still occasionally have nightmares that I forgot my schedule, started picking classes late, went to the wrong classroom, forgot there was a test… you know what I mean! I realize that many of our students feel nervous about starting a new college program, but I can reassure them that their instructors and classmates will make sure their experiences in the Strategic Communication MA program never feel like those bad dreams.

In the end, the fact that we are not all physically together doesn’t stop us from learning a lot and having a fun time doing it. Community-building in virtual spaces can be just as fun, reassuring, and helpful as an in-person experience. And since our virtual communities include animated GIFs… they might even better than in-person!

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My Strategic Communication Master’s Degree

Above all, I think what I most appreciate about pursuing my master’s degree in strategic communication while working as a communications professional is that I can apply what I learn in class almost immediately. That is so gratifying. As an undergraduate, I learned a tremendous amount, of course, but I really hadn’t experienced many of the situations I was reading about. Now, I can use the knowledge I learn in my MSU master’s classes with circumstances I come across at work. Not only does this help me, but it helps my organization, too.

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How One Facebook Post Changed My Life

I am now in my third semester of the Strategic Communication Online Master’s program and I have never stopped singing its praises. The course work I have taken thus far has drastically improved my ability to communicate effectively across digital platforms.

While intimidating at first, the online classes make working full- time with a full course load manageable. The professors and communication professionals who teach the courses are deeply invested in each of us and strive for our overall success.

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