Last year, Apple did something out of character: it introduced the usual update to the iPhone, the iPhone 8, while simultaneously introducing the iPhone X with a flurry of hype. The iPhone X was a total rethinking of the iPhone, with a new gesture system, Face ID unlocking, and an edge-to-edge screen that prompted a wave of app redesigns.

The iPhone X was meant to usher in the future of phones, and it succeeded; its influence (and its notch) are all over the industry now. Apple has gone from being an iPhone company to being an iPhone X company.

Fresh Eyes

Doug Newton releases trilogy of books to slow down and take a look at famous Bible passages with a new perspective

Remember that surprise twist at the end of “The Usual Suspects” or “The Sixth Sense”? How about that spicy meatball at the end of the Harry Potter series? Great reveals turn whatever lens we had on its head. It changes our perspective. What if we had a guide into some famous parables from the Bible […]

Healing Doesn’t Depend On You

A few years ago I was in the hospital with my family. Someone there was dying. There wasn’t a positive prognosis. The doctors said there wasn’t anything they could do. We waited on a miracle. Ever been there? We pleaded for a miracle. We read the Scriptures and believed.  There were many people praying and encouraging […]