Simply Communicate Conference

July 29, 2014
Simply Communicate Conference

Simply Communicate Conference

The Simply Communicate Conference is an online church marketing and communications conference designed to help any church ready to use communications to engage and reach people.  The main objective of the Simply Communicate conference is to help churches simplify communications, but maximize impact.  It’s only $79 for the four-hour online conference.  Learn more and register.

15 Reasons to Attend

If you’re trying to decide if you should attend, check out Tim Peter’s latest article, “15 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss the Simply Communicate Conference Next Week“.

Do You Practice the 5 Habits of a Balanced Life?

I’m constantly working on creating a balanced life.  I’ve read books on it, progressed, regressed and continue to try to find a sweet spot of healthy balance.  One thing I’m learning is that I will never arrive at perfect balance.  It’s the fight that matters.  Michael Hyatt posted an article this week that reminds me how balance can be achieved.  It also reminds me it is possible as I work at it.  Here’s an excerpt:

The beauty of a symphony is only realized when all the instruments are doing what they’re supposed to do when they’re supposed to do it. Our lives are the same. When we allow one instrument to dominate or play out of sync—for whatever reason—we produce noise. No one enjoys it, eventually not even us.

A symphonic life achieves balance and harmony by letting each aspect of our lives find its proper place on the stage.

Want to learn more? Read the complete article from Michael Hyatt.