Empowering Lives International
One of My Best Days: Empowering Live International

This is a blurry image, but one of my best days.  It was the day we pulled into Ilula, Kenya, home of Empowering Lives International,  and were greeted by 101 orphans singing to us in Swahili and bringing us flowers.  As we shook each one of their hands, they said, “Welcome Home”.  It wrecked me. We stayed at ELI for a week shooting video, writing, speaking and serving.  We went home with a huge hole in our hearts not only for Africa but for ELI as well.  You can see a few more pics in our “ELI Photoset” on Flickr.  Consider partnering with them.  They are the real deal.  Find out more here:  http://empoweringlives.org

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