Here are some of the additional resources for the presentation:

Dan Pink Drive TED Talk

Brene’ Brown “The Power of Vulnerability” TED Talk

Seth Godin “The Tribes We Lead”

I recently had opportunity to speak to communication majors at Spring Arbor University. The question I was asked to answer was What do our students need to know as they are preparing to enter the ever-changing Com & Media workplace? What skills, knowledge, (life lessons & attitudes), etc. will be most beneficial for them to be intentionally seeking and practicing here in order to prepare them for when they enter the work force. I titled the session “Who You Are Matters More Than What You Can Do”.  I’ve broken the presentation down into three posts:

I also posted this question to friends on my social media channels and pulled together my favorites in a PDF to share.

Here’s a presentation I gave to European leaders on developing a communication strategy. Many of the leaders operate with little or no budgets. We needed to create something where they could find free resources which would fit their cultural context. I wrote about the experience and presentation in a recap story. Below are the slides.


Here are the slides from a presentation I shared at an online academic conference with the focus on social media tools and how they integrate in higher eduction.  It was my first academic conference presentation done with Adobe Connect, and it seemed helpful for the attendees.