What Ron Rivera Can Teach Us About Leadership

Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera was almost a complete failure as a coach 14-months ago. How did he get things turned around to an 18-1 record and Super Bowl birth?

The journey has been one of patience, trust, luck and hopeless optimism.

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Homosexuality + The Church


Excerpt taken from Light+Life Magazine

Many Christians wrestle with sexuality and gender identity. Perhaps you have a family member or close friend who is in a same-sex relationship, or you may be struggling to reconcile your own same-sex attraction with your commitment to Christ and your belief in the Bible as the inspired, infallible Word of God.

This issue of Light + Life draws upon the research and writings of the Study Commission on Doctrine. Because of space constraints, we can’t print much of the commission’s extensive discussion of sexuality, but please go online to fmcusa.org/scod to read more.

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Followership is Not What You Think It Means

People are always talking leadership but nobody stops to talk bout followership. In order to lead or belong, we really need to follow first. Jill Richardson [@JillMarieRichar] has a really cool article in Light + Life Magazine worth reading. Here’s a tease:

It’s hard. It’s messy. It’s uncomfortable. But trying to follow Christ without a community of fellow believers is simply not within Jesus’ scope of possibility. That means face-to-face, dysfunctional family community, not online safe-distance community.

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