Nested Bullet Points in Basecamp

Bullet Points in Basecamp

When making lists in Basecamp, it’s necessary to nest bullet points like this:

  • This is important
    • This is important to know about this main point
      • This is even more detail

Unfortunately you can’t do this in Basecamp.  The only way currently is to write out your list in Google Drive, Evernote or another word processor and paste it into your Basecamp doc.

Automate Call Codes


Working on a virtual team means that my office is in my backpack and pocket.  Many times I have meetings scheduled where I’m needing to dial in an audio conference tool with lots of numbers to add in.  WebEx and GoTo Meeting are similar.  Because I’ve got the world’s worst memory, I’m often frustrated trying to remember the 6-10 digit code to access the call.  Many times I have to pull out my iPad or Mac to transcribe the numbers.  

I found a great shortcut in the July issue of Macworld.  To simplify, here are the steps:
  1. Dial the number to get into the conference call from your calendar invite or email.  Your iPhone does this automagically
  2. When you get to the end of the number your’e dialing, tap and hold the pound key “#” until it turns to a semicolon “;”
  3. Enter the passcode for the extension and add the entire number code
According to MacWorld, “The next time you dial that contact or number, you’ll see a small button in the bottom left that reads, Dial with the code you entered; tap that to have Phone enter the code on the keyboard automatically”
Check out the entire list of iOS7 tips and tricks from Mac World
What tips do you have for circumventing the long number challenge of conference calls?

Take Control of your Email Inbox


Work Shifting offers 10 simple techniques to improve your email habits and reduce your burden:

1.  Send different messages for different topics

If you need to raise two unrelated topics with somebody, send them two email messages. It doesn’t cost any more to send two emails, and they’re so much easier for you both to read, prioritize, process, file and manage.

2.  Write a complete sentence in the subject line

Get into the habit of using a full sentence in your email subject line. A subject that reads “Team meeting changed to 11 AM” is better than just “Team meeting.” It’s easier for recipients to read and understand quickly, and that means less confusion, uncertainty and trouble for you.


Become a Maxxinista

I love TJ Maxx.  It’s the best store on the planet.  Whether it’s TJ, Ross, or Marshalls, you can always count on a good bargain.  Here’s a tip on buying tech gear:  Buy it at TJ.  Here are a few thing I’ve purchased past few years at a TJ:

It’s the place I stop when I travel to different cities to check and look for sales.  If I need an extra shirt or article of clothing, I can usually find something there for under $10.  Most of my gear comes from TJ as I keep my eyes open.  They always have name brand headphones on the cheap if you lost one or need a backup.  I also see Briggs & Riley, Travelpro, and Tumi luggage there regularly.  If you haven’t already, I’d strongly consider you becoming a regular customer at your local TJ, Marshalls or Ross today.  Who knows what deals you may uncover.