authentic reflections of a life desired to live well


Farewell to The Daily Show

The final episode has been aired. It’s over. Jon Stewart has really left the Daily Show. Whether or not you have seen the show in it’s 16-year run or avoid it because you have preconceived notions about his politics, there’s one thing that was crystal clear on his finale: culture matters to Jon Stewart. I’d challenge you if you have never watched an episode to catch...

I’m just here so I won’t get fined

It’s Super Bowl week and many people have been giving their opinions of Marshawn Lynch’s press conference. Here’s the backdrop: NFL players have in their contracts that they have to appear before the press and answer questions for at least five minutes.Lynch has been fined repeatedly because he hasn’t appeared after games during the regular season and playoffs.Many people...

Communication Strategy for Local Church [Video]

This past winter when I was still working for Free Methodist Church USA, I was privileged to speak to the leadership of the denomination through six regional events called “Equipping for Excellence”. My keynote was in two parts: Developing a Communication Strategy for Your Church and a vision/tutorial piece on a platform we built for the denomination. Both were received well. However...

My New Job

A few of our team after work with some of our spouses this fall in San Antonio. I love that even after work, we can share life together. Last winter I was working through some major decisions in my professional life. I had decided after much prayer and seeking of wise counsel that I would be resigning to make room for new leadership. I needed to determine the next step. I had begun making a few...

authentic reflections of a life desired to live well



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