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Impact Beyond Our Work

This week former NFL head coach and current ESPN Analyst Rex Ryan had a breakdown on TV. It went viral. Probably because it’s interesting to see someone act in a way we don’t expect. But also because it was a genuinely human moment. Watch his reaction and the panel’s reaction to his heart.

The man being discussed is current LA Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn. Inside the beltway in the NFL, Coach Lynn is known as a person of character and integrity. He’s also good at his job. There are currently 7.53 billion people on the planet. There are only 32 head coaching jobs in the NFL. 32. He has one of them.

Panelist Louis Riddick identified leadership as three things: Credible, trustworthy & positively impact other people. All good things. But for Coach Lynn, he is building his legacy beyond his impact in football. Read full story from

Stories like this remind me of two things:

No matter where we work or what we think, we are making relationships.

If we choose to work through a long-view lens, later in life those relationships can bear fruit. Coach Lynn and Ryan have worked together and done life together for years before he reached a high level of success. He’s proud of Lynn. And to see Coach Lynn extend his influence beyond football means even more. We are constantly building relationships and we get to help author those for good.

I loved Coach Ryan’s love for Coach Lynn. He was proud. I want the people I work with, the people I serve, and the people I work for to have that same reaction. It drives me as I seek to navigate the balance between vocation and calling.

Make Investments that Outlast Us

Beyond investing in developing young men on his team, it’s evident that Coach Lynn values things beyond making money.

“Even when you think you don’t, you have enough. And there’s always a way to figure it out and be successful. I saw a group of people do more with less than any people in my life. We think we have all of these needs, and they are really just wants.”

Anthony Lynn, Head Coach of the Los Angeles Chargers

There is such easy access to these types of organizations, it doesn’t take us traveling to Africa to partner. We can serve locally and abroad. The big picture is to recognize where we can make those deposits of time, talent and treasures and pull the trigger to do something.

Question: What investments are you making right now that will outlive you?

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authentic reflections of a life desired to live well



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