authentic reflections of a life desired to live well


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Springboard documentary title

Dieter Bohn, formerly from The Verge, captured an era for nerds like me in a way that I could never do. Do you remember your first phone? My 24-year old daughter had a slider phone when she was at home which evolved to an iPhone. Most people in their early 20’s and younger only remember iPhone and Android. They live in a world exclusively of smartphones. If you’re old like me, you have lots of...

Profiles in perseverance

Perseverance is hard. Especially if you’re in the midst of a storm. To keep focused on a goal through adversity can be extremely difficult. But it also can be extremely rewarding.D’Ernest Johnson is a running back for the Cleveland Browns. This past season he had a game where he rushed for 146 yards and a touchdown to help his team win a game. By comparison, elite running backs in the NFL reach...

Leadership Lessons from Hal Conklin

Years ago I got lucky. I was starting an executive leadership role and was the youngest person by 20 years. I felt like I didn’t belong and maybe the people that hired me made a mistake. My first board meeting came quickly and I was to present. I didn’t even know how to create a board report. My learning curve was steep. Then I learned that the chairman of my committee and board...

Lifelong Learning

The friends John Cucci met on his second mountain tend to fall into two camps: martial artists and communications professionals. Most mornings before the pandemic, you could find John plunging his fists through the still-chilly air in Chicago’s North Shore Dojo in a precise sequence, the smacks of his bare feet on the blue mat sounding off the high ceiling; afternoon saw him doing...

authentic reflections of a life desired to live well



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