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Seek Truth, Not a Tweet

In this post-truth era of a latest study finds X and you should be afraid or shocked, many pieces of news and social posts are angled at fear, destruction and division. It’s up to us to find perspective. I’m not saying ignore or put our heads in the sand. I’m just wondering if every day or moment being some sort of crisis may not necessarily be true. There’s a bigger picture. A larger context...

Don’t Be Ignorant

Lately I’m bombarded by tweets and, well, one thing I think we can all agree from our president is that there is such a thing called “fake news”. Now that I’ve got my radar up, I’m seeing it more and more. Stories on TV and online without confirmed sources. These stories don’t wait to get the story right. Now it’s about the first person to publish the...

ComArtSci Talks: Social Media & Political Participation

ComArtSci’s Kjerstin Thorson, Assistant Professor jointly appointed in the School of Journalism and the Department of Advertising and Public Relations, discusses her research on social media and it’s effect on political interest and engagement.

Learn more about Dr. Throson and follow her @kthorson

I’m Coming Home

Hey sports fans, do you remember when LeBron James announced he was coming back to Cleveland? Well, I’m excited to announce that I’m coming home – back to higher education. I just accepted a position serving Michigan State University’s College of Communication Arts & Sciences. The college is rolling out a new online M.A. in Strategic Communication and I’ll be...

authentic reflections of a life desired to live well



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