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Not Goodbye, but See You Later

Last week I finished up a great season helping build an amazing company in San Antonio, TX. I just began working for the College of Communication and Arts at Michigan State University as the Director of the M.A. in Strategic Communication. I’ll be helping build this new program as well as teach in the department. It’s an amazing opportunity. However, last week I traveled to San Antonio and spent...

Trumpocolypse 2016

As I’m trying to sort through the noise, I’m getting even more confused. There are seven candidates left as I post this and I’m lost. If you are undecided, I have three great resources for you to cut through the noise. They all have one theme: Anybody but Donald Trump. John Oliver He’s the only reason I’d love to have HBO. The writing on this show is amazing...

Dare Greatly in 2016

This fall I finished the Chicago half marathon. With over 15,000 other runners in downtown Chicago, I was one of the few “athletes” who trained and fought to get to the finish line, get a big medal, lots of fanfare, and a deep sense of accomplishment. Want to hear more about it? I don’t either Chances are like me, you may feel like you’re barely able to make ends meet and simply survive. Rather...

Who You Are Matters More Than What You Can Do

Who You Are Matters More Than What You Can Do: COM CON November 14, 2014 from Jason Archer I had opportunity to speak to communication majors at Spring Arbor University. The question I was asked to answer was What do our students need to know as they are preparing to enter the ever-changing Com & Media workplace? What skills, knowledge, (life lessons & attitudes), etc. will be most...

authentic reflections of a life desired to live well



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