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iPhone XS Review

Last year, Apple did something out of character: it introduced the usual update to the iPhone, the iPhone 8, while simultaneously introducing the iPhone X with a flurry of hype. The iPhone X was a total rethinking of the iPhone, with a new gesture system, Face ID unlocking, and an edge-to-edge screen that prompted a wave of app redesigns. The iPhone X was meant to usher in the future of phones...

How Dominoes Got Vulnerable and Turned Things ArounD

Dominos Pizza gets it. They made some mistakes which cost them significant market. Rather than try to cover it up, they decided to promote their mistakes. Know what? It’s working. Wonder why? Because failure is something we can all relate to. Dominos may not know it, but their new ad campaign is about vulnerability and grace. What they’re really saying is, “We’re trying...

What’s in My Bag?

Inspired by the Verge, I offer my gear list. I currently use two bags for travel – depending on how long the trip is and what I need. Inside my STM Velo 2 Small is the current gear: 13″ MBP RetinaiPad Air with Product (Red) Smart CoverZagg KeyboardEvernote Moleskine12 South PlugBugMophie PowerstationBose MIE2iStudio Neat GlifStudio Neat CosmonautJawbone...

authentic reflections of a life desired to live well



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