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Look at the time stamp of this post. It’s actually early for me. There is about a month of life happening in this week. Tons of adversity. A few critical decisions. Uncharted waters. A crying 12-year old daughter that misses her daddy. People with expectations. Mostly unmet 🙂

As I was finishing up some work tonight and bracing myself for tomorrow, I’m so at peace and I’m wondering why. I’ve prayed for it, sure enough. But I’m journaling in a raw way tonight/this morning to remind you and myself of an interesting thought:

We can only be filled when we are emptied

I think it’s interesting that the state I’m in is sheer exhaustion. Mentally, physically, and emotionally drained. Really. Emptied out. However, there’s something holding it all together.

Maybe it’s Someone.

I feel whole in this moment. Peaceful. Isn’t that interesting? My wonderment and maybe fatigue lead me to maybe wonder if my weakened state is just where I’m supposed to be?

Without waxing eloquent, maybe one of the reasons the power of the Holy Spirit isn’t moving in my circles more is because of our independence.

I wonder.

But now in my emptied out state, He now has some space to work. I’m chuckling now. Why don’t I let Him do this when I’m on my game? What about you?

Am I getting some new wineskins delivered to my soul? I’m not sure. But I do know I’m steadied in the storm by something and someone bigger than myself. It’s outside my capability. Unexplained.

And I like it.

Empty me out, Abba. Until there’s nothing left but You.

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By Jason
authentic reflections of a life desired to live well



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