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Three Reasons I love the Belkin Snap Shield

I’ve written before on my quest for the best iPad case and setup when iPad was introduced.  When iPad 2 was released, Apple smartly released the smart cover with it.  This birthed a whole new ecosystem of accessories I felt obliged to try over time.  My biggest worry with the new iPad 2 design was not the glass – the smart cover protected it.  It was the back of the iPad.  I didn’t want it getting scratched up or damaged with use.  I then began my new do-diligence in reading, researching, and looking at all of the new covers for iPad 2.  One thing I don’t like about many after market covers and cases are their bulk.  My purpose in using an iPad is to keep bulk down to a minimum.  In my research for options, I stumbled upon the best solution for me.  It happened at Target of all places.  And it’s the best iPad cover/case I’ve seen.  It’s the Belkin Snap Shield.  [Amazon Link]

Here are three reasons I love it:

1.  It’s Thin

Belkin Snap Shield

The plastic is super-thin and snaps on with ease.  You barely notice it’s there.  As you can see, the design fades into the device.  I’m not a fan of super crazy colors to accent my devices, so I loved the smoky clear option to simply cover the iPad without taking away from the gorgeous design.  The Snap Shield does come in a few colors if you like to add some “pieces of flare” to your iPad 2.

2.  It’s Strong

Belkin Grip VueThe  hard plastic shell snaps on with ease and stays on.  Some cases and covers are hard to get on and even harder to remove. The Belkin Grip Vue is neither.  With something so thin, I wondered if it would be durable enough for the rigors I put my iPad through.  I’m happy to report that after three months of wear and tear, the Grip Vue has held up flawlessly.  It does have a few scratches and cracks, but that’s the point of a protective shell.  The exterior of the shell also has a texture to it that helps me hold the iPad with no fear of dropping it.  It’s solid and strong.

3.  Price

Belkin Grip Vue

The Snap Shield is priced between $20-30 US.  I found mine at Target and couldn’t wait to find it cheaper online.  True, with the smart cover (I bought the leather version), you can be north of $80 US in accessories.  For me, it makes sense because both keep the iPad light, thin, and the design in the forefront.


As with great Apple design, the Snap Shield is made so well, I don’t even notice I have a cover.  That’s the greatest testimony.  What about you?  What setup do you use for your iPad?

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