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Editing Text Docs in Basecamp Mobile

For the past three years, our team has been using Basecamp for project management.  We love it.  After doing an exhaustive search for what we needed in collaborating with a virtual team model, we chose Basecamp.  Read more about how we use it.

Multiple Platforms

Basecamp for iPad Text Edits
Editing text docs on an iPad

Most of us on the team have the greatest trifecta of productivity devices:  A MacBook, iPhone and iPad.  As Basecamp began to evolve beyond the desktop, I bought and used Outpost for my iPad.  Basecamp subsequently did a complete overhaul to what they initially called “Basecamp Next“. Subsequently – and maybe inspired by Steve Krug’s principle “Avoid Needless Words” from  “Don’t Make Me Think” – they simplified the name to “Basecamp“.  Tablet users were left out in the cold.  Outpost wasn’t updated (and at the time of this post, still hasn’t).  A few developers stepped to the table with minimal offerings.  SuitChamp was the only real native iPad app.  However, after initial testing, I stopped using it.

iPhone App

After focusing on making a site that could be functional without native apps, Basecamp released an iPhone app in 2013.  It’s simple and clean UI became the standard tool I used as I lead a team from coffee shops, bistro tables and airports.  However, the iPad was still left in the dark for our team because of one key element:  the text document.  We use text docs all of the time to collaborate.  Sure, I could edit tasks and todos, add comments, and send messages.  But I couldn’t edit text docs.  SuitChamp stripped formatting and was a clunky interface.

I gave up and waited.  Until today.


Hours ago, Basecamp released an update which allows me to do the number one task I couldn’t do but needed most:  edit text docs.  It’s beautiful.  I don’t need an app.  And I can now do most everything I want to from a browser on my iPad.  After using it for a few minutes and grabbing some kleenex to dry my tears of joy, I wanted to post my thankfulness to Jason Zimdars and the team at Basecamp for this exciting update.

For those of you who have project management needs, I’d highly recommend Basecamp.  Their pricing model allows accessibility at the base and room for growth.  They have amazing customer service.  And they get how to do few things well.

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