authentic reflections of a life desired to live well

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The Gift of Compassionate Communication

If innovation is the engine of the knowledge economy, creative problem solving is the fuel. While excellence in writing, design, communication and critical thinking are still in demand, when employers are asked what they would like to see in our students, creative problem solving rises to the top. Can we teach creative problem solving? Is it a skill that can be learned? Is it nature or nurture...

Five Key Leadership Lessons + One Bonus

Business And Bagels: Why Leadership Matters from Jason Archer Here are some of the additional resources for the presentation: Brene Brown: “The Story I’m Telling Myself” article from INCMichael Hyatt’s Website Heath Brothers “Switch: How to Change when Change is Hard”Jim Collins: “Good to Great”Strengths FinderE-Team...

I’m Coming Home

Hey sports fans, do you remember when LeBron James announced he was coming back to Cleveland? Well, I’m excited to announce that I’m coming home – back to higher education. I just accepted a position serving Michigan State University’s College of Communication Arts & Sciences. The college is rolling out a new online M.A. in Strategic Communication and I’ll be...

Why Leadership Matters

Why Leadership Matters from Jason Archer

Here’s a presentation I gave to communication students in a senior seminar. It received positive reviews from both the faculty and students. I reflected on it with a post as well as the video of the presentation. It’s a bit rough, but you can get the feel for the content.

authentic reflections of a life desired to live well



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