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Screen Shot of Group Skype

With a virtual team of communication professionals leading a worldwide organization, the challenge in front of us is: “How do we connect and collaborate?” We’ll be writing a lot about virtual community in the coming months, but today I want to focus on video conferencing. In our work at the Free Methodist Church – USA, we have a few different groups with video conferencing needs:...

Three Reasons I love the Belkin Snap Shield

Belkin Grip Vue

I’ve written before on my quest for the best iPad case and setup when iPad was introduced.  When iPad 2 was released, Apple smartly released the smart cover with it.  This birthed a whole new ecosystem of accessories I felt obliged to try over time.  My biggest worry with the new iPad 2 design was not the glass – the smart cover protected it.  It was the back of the iPad.  I...

Zaggmate ipad Keyboard/Case Review

The iPad has changed the way I work. Being someone who travels frequently, I have been on a search to keep size and weight down and productivity up. I found the beginnings of this with the “magical and revolutionary” iPad. I’ve been putting it through it’s paces for a few months now and would like to review one tool I’ve used to increase my productivity and...

authentic reflections of a life desired to live well



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