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Difference Between Facebook Groups and Pages

What’s the Difference? Many pastors and church leaders are asking about the difference between Facebook pages and groups.  Which one should you choose?  If you’re trying to decide, here’s a quick breakdown to help you make a decision. Advantages for Groups Flexibility:  Groups can be open or closed. Depending on the purpose of your group, you can have the content shared be...

The In Betweens

[youtube id=”kohp0qCM9Jo”] “A life filled with movement, with constant motion and no rest stops, isn’t a life after all. It’s tourism.” Man is life busy. I’m currently writing this at the Midway Airpot at a Potbelly Restaurant with my favorite coffee drink: Extra hot white mocha with a little caramel “drizzy-drizz”. I’m midway through a four-hour layover. I’ve...

Fixing Mac Trackpad

Apple Trackpad

There have been several times where my MacBook Air’s trackpad wouldn’t work. I tried using the keyboard to get to system preferences, search through lots of message boards to find the fix. What I discovered over many hours of research and headache is that the problem was me. Turns out the Apple Magic Mouse which sits inside my messenger bag in my office was the culprit. Somehow, the...

Editing Text Docs in Basecamp Mobile

For the past three years, our team has been using Basecamp for project management.  We love it.  After doing an exhaustive search for what we needed in collaborating with a virtual team model, we chose Basecamp.  Read more about how we use it. Multiple Platforms Most of us on the team have the greatest trifecta of productivity devices:  A MacBook, iPhone and iPad.  As Basecamp began to...

authentic reflections of a life desired to live well



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