authentic reflections of a life desired to live well

Leadership Lessons

Failing Well

New Coke

Failure is part of innovation. Without it, we don’t move forward. Does anybody remember Starbucks Sorbetto smoothies? They lasted about a year. Apple rolled out one of the most amazing technological marvels in computing: the Cube. Anyone reading this post on a Cube? Hey, I’m going to take a break from writing this post and have an icy class of “New Coke.” Want some? The best companies...

Investing in Young Leaders

Kids Hope Mentoring

Becoming a leader doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a long view and long road. It starts when we’re young. As I look back on my journey in faith and leadership, I’m finding a consistent theme: investment.  I wrote a bit about it in an earlier post. Take An Interest During my junior high years, high school senior Chris Spink modeled the Christian life while playing basketball...

Leadership Lesson #1: Be Gentle

I’ve been working on a series of leadership lessons I’m learning and am going to post them regularly.  Feel free to post comments, feedback and your stories.  I just witnessed a powerful moment. While attending a recent pastors conference, there was an opportunity for people to share publicly regarding a proposal.  It’s always risky to open up the mic anytime – even...

The Lawnmower Man

Recently I was on the campus of Wayne State University, a large public university, close to downtown Detroit, Michigan. I was meeting up with a mentor who was at a conference to go over some business development plans I was hoping to be vetted. I’d never been on campus before and was doing my best to find the correct building with my iPhone and Google Maps. As I was looking at a campus map...

authentic reflections of a life desired to live well



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