authentic reflections of a life desired to live well


An Explanation

Live yourself in such a way that it demands an explanation.
-Corey Kirkwood, Missionary to Indonesia, Mission Aviation Fellowship


The Lord challenges us to suffer persecutions and to confess Him.  He wants those who belong to Him to be brave and fearless.  He Himself shows how weakness of the flesh is overcome by courage of the Spirit.  This is the testament of the apostles, and in particular of the Representative Administrating Spirit.  A Christian is fearless.  Tertullian

Settling for a Mental Relationship

The whole transaction of religious conversation has been made mechanical and spiritless…The man is ‘saved’,  but he is not hungry or thirsty after God.  In fact, he is specifically taught to be satisfied and is encouraged to be content with little.
A.W. Tozier, The Pursuit of God

Settlers And Pioneers: Which One Are You?

There are two visions of life, two kinds of people. The first see life as a possession to be carefully guarded. They are called settlers. The second see life as a wild, fantastic, explosive gift. They are called pioneers. These two types give rise to two kinds of theology: Settler Theology and Pioneer Theology. According to Wes Seeliger in his book, Western Theology, the first kind, Settler...

authentic reflections of a life desired to live well



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