authentic reflections of a life desired to live well


The Finish Line

I did it.  This is me literally 1/4 of a mile from the finish line.  I’m high-fiving Micki.  Grace took this pic on Mick’s iPhone.  It’s pretty awesome.  So, Saturday I ran 13.1 miles.  I did it.  How do we celebrate? First, I want to thank Micki for being so supportive of me being gone so much running.  She never, and I mean NEVER, made me feel guilty, said anything...

Where the Race is Won

One of my friends Nathan wrote this to me Monday.  Nate was my first running partner.  The one who really helped me believe I could do this.  I remember we were running last summer and I went 6 miles.  I ran for over one hour.  It was a great day and great moment.  With Nathan, I just feel at ease.  Great conversation.  Good time together.  Nate has a jedi-mind trick type of effect on me...

9 Miles

9 Miles Originally uploaded by Jason Archer This Sunday I ran 9.06 miles. Another milestone. Incredible. It was the hardest run I’ve ever done. Not because of the miles. But because of it just being hard. It’s interesting, last week I ran 8.5 miles on the same trail. For some reason, I felt pretty good and thought I could have run even further. This run was really difficult. It was...


I did my longest run yesterday.  8.5 miles.  1 hour, 35 minutes.  I did it on limited sleep and bad eating.  But I did it.  I feel terrible but awesome at the same time.  Being that we went to Chicago Friday/Saturday and Joel’s [Maust] wedding, I knew that the long run for Saturday would not work.  Joel [Miller] and the fam were coming back from Phoenix Friday, so we decided to wait...

authentic reflections of a life desired to live well



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