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Cabin Weekend

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This video is from our annual trip to Coleman, MI.  Seven of us from college have been heading up to a cabin with no running water, elecricity, or heat for about 15 years.  Two years ago, Sam did a magic trick where he actually puts a nail in his nose.  It’s pretty aweseome.  He made a YouTube vid here:  Since then, Sam has been working on new magic tricks and brought a couple to the weekend.  Part of the “tradition” of cabin weekend is going to Buffalo Wild Wings.  We went to the lame BW3’s (family-friendly), and Sam did some sweet magic.  This is one of his coolest.

It’s interesting that after 15 years, it’s still great to get with the guys.  As time goes by we seem to have less in common, but we all still go.  I wonder if there will come a time where one of us won’t go for some reason and that will be the beginning of the end.  I’ve come to enjoy getting away for the weekend to chill.  I used to really hope and need to really connect with the guys for the trip, but I think it’s evolved to a getaway weekend with friends.  Significant conversation optional.

The sad part for me is that in the past year, one of my friends’ mother passed away, another guys’ father passed.  Another guy adopted a daughter from Ehiopia.  And one other lost his home to forclosure, which is why choosing the best house loan deal is a very important thing to do while you still have the time and the money. .  There are a ton of other things below the surface in our lives that really none of us talked about together as a group.  Sad.  I did individually.  And some of the guys talked “off the grid”.  But we all didn’t engage each other on a deeper level.  This is something I’ve been frustrated with over the years.  But one thing I think I’m finally realizing is that we can’t force people to be something they are not.  I’ve been learning that about some leaders in our church lately to stop expecting them to be something they are not.  The same needs to be true for my friends.

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