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Weekend To Remember

Weekend To Remember

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This past weekend was one to remember. Actually, it was titled, “A Weekend to Remember“. Yes, it’s a marriage conference. But we have some dear friends who work witih Family Life in Arkansas who sent us a coupon in the winter.  Thanks Robyn and Tom!  With so much going on and knowing we would be pretty maxed out in April, we wrote the check and booked the hotel to plan a weekend away. Truthfully, I didn’t care about the conference. I just need a weekend away with Micki. Just time to focus on her.

What we got was much more than that. We got some solid teaching on what it means to be a solid husband, wife, and parent. We found some great resources to help us after leaving. But more than that, I think I’ve processed things through to these key points thus far:

  • I need to start a legacy by praying into my future generations
  • I need to speak less and listen more
  • I need to spend more focused time with Grace and be more intentional toward spiritual things
  • I need to lead my family
  • We need to put some ground rules in place as a couple and family for how we resolve conflict

One other thing I came away with is a greater sense of how blessed I am through being married to Micki. I think the thing I’ve come to over the years is an unshakeable faith and trust in her. The Lord has matured her in such a way that she has deepened to a place where no matter what, I have a trust that she will do the right things. Even in the heat of the moment, I trust that after the “cool down”, she will do her best to do right. I believe in her defiant desire to know God and become more like Jesus. I believe in her steadfast motivation to be the best mom in the world. She’s just the right girl. I can definitely see how people married for so long can say they love their spouse more as they get older. We’re coming up on 15 years this year and I’m firmly convinced of this reality. I really love this woman.  Also, she’s really pretty.

This weekend was one where we simply enjoyed being together. It emphasized how much we joke about how different we are, but also how much we have in common. For instance, instead of going out for a big blowout date night Saturday, we both agreed we’d rather chill out, order pizza in, and watch the basketball game and some of Lord of the Rings on TNT. Contentment. Comfort. And I think, blessing.

So, this was the only picture we took of the entire weekend. Even though we thought we’d take tons of pictures. I just wanted to capture a moment to remember of a weekend to remember. Remember the blessing of a woman who loves and pursues Jesus. He is her source.  He is the one who we both trust.  We both strive toward.  To have a spouse who genuinely lives this out is the greatest gift on planet earth.

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authentic reflections of a life desired to live well



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