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In “The Rabbi’s Heartbeat”, Manning talks about solitude.  Or the quiet.  This week I’m unpluging from my schoolwork, my job, and my life.  I’m taking Grace on a one-week trip.  We leave this afternoon.  Tonight we go to “The Cole Cabin”, hike around Coleman, MI, head up to Gaylord, stay at a friend’s house, then Thursday camp out at the fairgrounds to enjoy “The Big Ticket Festival.”

Yes, I’m experiencing solitude from my life.  But not solitude.  I’ll be with my 11-year old.  Not sleeping much.  Dirty.  Tired.  But what I’m anticipating are great conversations, time I can focus solely on her, and this festival bending her heart toward Abba a little bit more.  I think there will definitely be some sensitivity there.

If you think about it, pray for us as we go.  Pray for Micki as she is taking a really hard class this week.  Pray for Grace and I that we enjoy each other.  Pray for our relationship to deepen.  Pray for her relationship with Jesus to deepen.

I’ll be doing some reading in two books when/if I get time and do some reflection later.  One thing I’m wrestling with is the idea of gauging the Holy Spirit.  For instance, I felt like our service in church yesterday was inspired by man.  The music was good.  But people didn’t seem to be connecting with God.  The sermon I’m still trying to understand how it fit into a series on the Holy Spirit, but people responded.  So is it me being arrogant?  Was the Holy Spirit there?  Just because I didn’t sense Him, am I the be all and end all litmus test?  Or was it a service that was in the permissive and not beneficial?  That was a man-made service?  Good stuff.  Not God stuff? Or was God choosing to speak to other people but not me.  Does He do that?  Shouldn’t He speak to everyone?  Or were the past three Sundays “not my time”.  I heard from the Lord other ways.  I think this is a fundamental question I want to resolve or investigate because it reflects who God is and how He works.

So that’s it.  I’m trying to wrestle with that.  Not to be critical.  I’m praying more and more for our chruch.  For our leadership.  For the Holy Spirit to break through.  Has He but I can’t see it?  Those are some thoughts I’ll be wrestling with this week if I have time with the craziness of bonding with a daughter who I am falling more and more in love with and who is falling more and more in love with Jesus.  Would love feedback, comments, and prayer.  Feel free to check back this week on the feed.  I’ll be updating via Twitter as well as pics from the ‘ole iPhone.

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