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A New Way To Work

Many offices are moving to what’s been called a “distributed workforce” or virtual team. With the advent of so many collaborative tools, it’s easier than ever to work from a home office effectively and efficiently. There have been some recent posts about at-home work environments from popular blogs like Signal vs. NoiseWork Shifting and Home Office Hustle.

Primarily, the team at LLCOMM is virtual. Two of us work in Indianapolis, Ind. The rest of us work from our homes. We gather at the World Ministries Center about eight times a year, but most of the time we’re spread over three states in the Midwest.

Our Ideas

Recently, we gathered for team meetings and spent time sharing about our environments, what works for us, and offering suggestions on how to become more productive. You can read more about these ideas, pictures of our home offices, and our best ideas on working from home, visit my team’s blog post. I also posted some pictures of my home office and setup on Flickr.

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By Jason
authentic reflections of a life desired to live well



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