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Trumpocolypse 2016

As I’m trying to sort through the noise, I’m getting even more confused. There are seven candidates left as I post this and I’m lost. If you are undecided, I have three great resources for you to cut through the noise. They all have one theme: Anybody but Donald Trump.

John Oliver

He’s the only reason I’d love to have HBO. The writing on this show is amazing. He’s taken The Daily Show’s DNA to the next level. There’s some pretty crazy fact-checking and above average jokes here:

Max Lucado

I’ve met Pastor Max a few times and he’s the kind of man, husband, and dad I aspire to. He published a great article on decency last week in the Washington Post. Worth a read. His focus is on bipartisan decency and kindness as key indicators for great leadership.

We appreciate decency. We applaud decency. We teach decency. We seek to develop decency. So why isn’t decency doing better in the presidential race?


Read Article: “Decency for President” by Max Lucado

Bishop David Kendall

Bishop Kendall is a friend and mentor. He is one of three bishops for Free Methodist Church USA. I’ve known him personally for years and served under him. He’s the real deal. This week he posted a great article titled, “Political Questions: Who Should We Follow?”

Your hope is in the Lord, the One you follow.  He commanded wind and wave to be still, he invites us to share the yoke that truly liberates and is easy as we allow him to do the really heavy lifting.

Bishop David Kendall

Read Article “Political Questions: Who Should We Follow?” by Bishop David Kendall

Invitation to Clarity

Are you seeing things more clearly than I am? I know politics are divisive. What am I missing? Post your thoughts/comments below to share with us and curate a constructive conversation.

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