authentic reflections of a life desired to live well


Do the next right thing

The Lead Where You Stand conference is an intersection of different experts sharing transferrable leadership principles that stem from a compass of morality and integrity as a single source of truth. It was created by Dr. Gayle Beebe, President of Westmont College , in partnership with Dr. Reed Sheard, VP for Advancement and CIO at Westmont. The content explores transformative ideas to apply to...

The Illusion of Privacy

A couple of weeks back,the star wide receiver for USC made some inflammatory statements on Twitter towards his coach. He also said he was quitting the team. After he made these comments, he took the tweets down and made his profile private. But the damage was already done. He’s now no longer with the team and his potential future in the NFL. That same week, iCloud had a security flaw...

Comfy In My Skin

Saw this quote today on a tech blog.  Thought it was profound enough to post here.  I like how it speaks to the benefits of freeing ourselves from ourselves.  We’re imperfect.  But our Abba is infatuated with this. Finding the bravery to shun faux reassurance is a critical step in producing important change. Once you free yourself from the need for perfect acceptance, it’s a lot...

The Open Wound of Love

Today the heart of Jesus is an open wound of love.  He aches over our distance from Him and our preoccupation with our own lives.  He mourns that we don’t draw near to Him.  He grieves that we’ve forgotten Him.  He weeps over our obsession with muchness and manyness.  He longs for our presence. Richard Foster This was taken from a message from Brennan Manning titled...

authentic reflections of a life desired to live well



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