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My Hometown

This past week I was working in upstate New York helping roll out a new Web site for our denomination as well as moble/tablet apps, streaming the conference to fifteen countries in two languages, covering the conference and more.  It was an amazingly crazy week with solid wins for our organization.  To say I’m proud of my team is an understatement.  The best part is that this all took...

Off The Grid

In “The Rabbi’s Heartbeat”, Manning talks about solitude.  Or the quiet.  This week I’m unpluging from my schoolwork, my job, and my life.  I’m taking Grace on a one-week trip.  We leave this afternoon.  Tonight we go to “The Cole Cabin”, hike around Coleman, MI, head up to Gaylord, stay at a friend’s house, then Thursday camp out at the...

Weekend To Remember

Weekend To Remember Originally uploaded by Jason Archer This past weekend was one to remember. Actually, it was titled, “A Weekend to Remember“. Yes, it’s a marriage conference. But we have some dear friends who work witih Family Life in Arkansas who sent us a coupon in the winter.  Thanks Robyn and Tom!  With so much going on and knowing we would be pretty maxed out in April...

Celebrating a Legacy

Last week a giant of a man died.  Quietly.  Which was his way.  His name is John Newby. I’m not going to write much obit-style.  What I am going to write about is his funeral.  Why?  it was the best funeral I’ve ever been to.  Again, why?  Because I saw what I want my funeral to look like.  Less about the man.  More about his legacy. I knew John from our days working at...

authentic reflections of a life desired to live well



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